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Screen Designing Chemicals
screen printing chemicals


We offer a wide range of specialty textile chemicals made from the finest quality raw materials. These specialty textile chemicals are safe and environment-friendly. We offer these specialty textile chemicals at very reasonable prices.

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Code: Screen Designing Chemicals

The Screen Designing Chemicals manufactured by us are used for engraving of flatbed screen on the direct emulsion method. These chemicals are in blue in color. It is used for sensitized emulsion purpose also. Some of the coats are mentioned below

Negative Coat (2228) Its purpose is to add in photo emulsion as per requirement to expose Negative. Color is blue and is available in the packing of 10kg.

Redcoat (787) Its purpose is to coat red color strip in each side of frame. Color is Red. Available in the packing of 10 kg and 30 kg.

White Nicolas (828) Its purpose is to fix bolting cloth on Flatbed Frame. Color is white. Available in the packing of 35 ltr Hardener Its purpose is to dry screen in night. Available in the packing of 10 kg.

Packing :as per our client requirment

Precaution : Protect eyes, skin, and clothes and avoid inhalation (Use of mask is essential for such protection). Working area should be well ventilated. In case of any spil on the body, wash immediately with plenty of water, and take qualified medical treatment.


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