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Loop Accelerator
Loopl accelerators

We are known as one of the most well known manufacturers and suppliers of Loopl accelerators in India. Our chemical accelerator is prepared as per the requirement of the client so as to provide the desired result in the printing gum. Our range of chemical accelerator is mostly used in textile printing and process industries. It is also used to maintain pH levels in printing gum color paste. Highly useful and safe it is in high demand in the markets.




Known For :

* Long lasting

* Maintaining pH levels

* Thick density * Easy to use

* Safe for skin

Applications :

* Process printing

* Textile Printing

Packing :

* 30 KG

* 220 KG


Products Chemicals Composition Appearance Application
Alco Print PTF Acrylic Thickner Off White liquid Substitutes for kerosene in Pigment Paste formulation.
Poly Thick 5000 Acrylic Thickner Off White liquid As a thickner in water base formulation in textile printing.
Thickner As Acrylic Thickner Milky White water base Acrylic thickner



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