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Blanket Adhesive
blanket adhesive

Textile Printing Blanket Adhesive is a solvent based adhesive & comes in four grades i.e. PGMT,HT, LT, MT & base coat. It gives more mete-rage of fabric printing per coating on the flat bed printing machine. All the relevant details & literature can be sent on request.


A super pressure and temperature sensitive non-sticky Adhesive for rotary and flat belt Screen Printing Machines which removes tackiness and shadow problems.



Appearance : Transparent, Crystal-Clear, Viscous Liquid.
Temperature : Acchem H.T. - 80 0C. , Acchem M.T. - 50 0C. ,
Sensitivity : Acchem PGMT - 40 0C. , Acchem L.T. - 30 0C. ,
Chemical Properties: A solvent based Organic Polymer PH – 6.5 to 7.0
Economy : The cheapest, most economical & high quality Adhesive.


How to use:
Recommended Based Coat
First Coat One coat of H.T.
Second Coat Another Coat of H.T. after 1½ hourof first coat.
Third Coat One Coat of M.T. & H.T. after 2 hour of second coat.
Regular Coat : One coat of M.T. as per requirement.


Note 1.

One Coat equals approximately 700 to 800 gms of Adhesive.

2. If desired stickiness is not achieved then please add L.T. to the regular coat.

3. If stickiness is more, please add H.T. to the regular coat or consult your Printing Master. Precaution Please keep the lids of containers tightly closed.



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