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Antidusting Oil
Antidusting Oil

Eco friendly antidusting with REACH REGISTRATION.

( Eco friendly antidusting oil )(APEO / NPEO FREE)

Antidusting oil EF is newly developed Antidusting Oil (Eco-Friendly Apeo/Npeo Free) for those who export their material in to Europe countries.

Antidusting oil EF is an excellent dedusting agent for all types of dyestuff and except oil soluble dye.



Antidusting oil EF is generally added to the dyestuff during the grinding and blending operation. Dosage of antidusting oil EF may vary between 0.5 % to 1 % depending upon the particle size, density, fineness of the dye and the degree of free flow required.

It is advisable to use as little quantity of antidusting oil EF as possible since excessive amount may cause blending problem in subsequent process.the concentrated dye and diluent are mixed together. Then slowly spray the required percentage of antidusting oil ef over an hour, continue mixing for additional 1 to 2 hrs. The purpose is to reduce dusting tendency during grinding and to keep manufacturing atmosphere free of dyestuff contamination.

* Nature: Nonionic

* Odour: Characteristic

* Appearance : Pale straw to white free flowing liquid

* Specific gravity : 0.83+ 0.01 ( 30 + 2 c )

* PH (10 % aq. Soln. ): 7 + 0.50


Antidusting oil EF is delivered in two (45 kgs or 180 kgs) packing storage life is indefinite for normal room temperature.

* The information provided in this leaflet is intended to be of assistance to users but is without guarantee. Variations can occur in application and users are advised to conduct their own tests

. * Test report conducted by S.G.S. & Also reach pre-registered is available on request .

* This product stands for the best of our knowledge without guarantee.

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