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Acrylic Thickner
Acrylic Thicknere

We offer a diverse range of finishing chemicals made of fine quality acrylic emulsion used for providing finishing touch to the fabrics. These white colored or transparent chemicals are used to give a stiff, bouncing, lustrous or soft finish to the fabric after it is printed, thereby preserving its color and print. Available in various grades for budgeting, these finishing chemicals are specifically formulated to be used on a variety of fabrics depending on their model.



We are expert manufacturer of textile thickener that has given us astonishing global reputation. Our in-depth technology and powerful infrastructure help us to prepare, develop, review and deliver our products on time. The textile printing thickener is available in broad range & different appearance and is cost effective. The textile thickener is extensively used as a substitute for kerosene in pigment paste formulation, as a thickener in water base formulation in textile printing, water base acrylic thickener etc. Today we are one of the dependable acrylic thickener exporters from India.


Products Chemicals Composition Appearance Application
Alco Print PTF Acrylic Thickner Off White liquid Substitutes for kerosene in Pigment Paste formulation.
Poly Thick 5000 Acrylic Thickner Off White liquid As a thickner in water base formulation in textile printing.
Thickner As Acrylic Thickner Milky White water base Acrylic thickner



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